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iControl® Integrated Control System

iControl® Integrated Control System
Integrated automatic gun control system with closed-loop digital flow for consistent, repeatable coating performance. All gun parameters as well as in/out positioners and reciprocators are user programmable and controlled/monitored from an easy to use, central 12" color touch screen operator interface.
The iControl® integrated control system gives powder coaters enhanced capabilities for optimal powder coating system performance and maximum line efficiency. The technology can be customized to provide digital control of all application parameters through a single, user-friendly operator interface.
The iControl system features close-loop digital flow modules for consistent coating quality, 128MB compact flash for operating system and program storage/expandability, a single board computer, and a 12" LCD full-color touch screen graphic interface display with icon-based graphics in a single dust tight enclosure.
  • Alternate dial for adjustment of gun parameter graphic slide controls
  • Gun parameter settings utilize patented Select Charge® technology and Automatic Feedback Current (AFC) control
  • Compatible with all Nordson IPS corona and tribo automatic powder coating guns
  • Expandable and upgradeable in the future