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Universal™ Applicators
Universal applicators provide flexibility in a compact size using a single-platform design that helps customers reduce inventory and maintenance costs. Applicators are compatible with all Universal modules and CF®200 nozzles.
  • Gain flexibility in meeting production requirements and enhancing product performance using interchangeable modules and nozzles.
  • Improve pattern stability and web-routing options with reduced air turbulence of angled manifold.
  • Eliminate air-chamber adhesive contamination when changing or servicing modules due to AirGuard™ separator.
  • Achieve accurate cross-web patterns with better thermal uniformity from insulated covers and compact size.
  • Produce consistent patterns using less power consumption with improved heating efficiency of thin-film integrated air heater.
  • Optimize elastic-strand coverage using high-speed Universal Speed-Coat modules with snuff-back control and SureWrap nozzles.
  • Reduce cost of ownership and improve service life with rebuildable components.