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Trilogy™ General Purpose (GP)

Trilogy™ General Purpose (GP)

Trilogy™ General Purpose (GP)
Trilogy™ General Purpose (GP) Manual

Versatile liquid spray gun provides excellent atomization and easy adjustment for increased productivity in industrial applications.The Trilogy GP gun combines excellent finish quality and ease-of-use for a wide range of industrial applications. Designed with versatility in mind, the gun is available in air spray and LVLP versions. It can also be converted from air spray to LVLP or vice versa with just a quick exchange of the atomization air cap – no need to change the nozzle or gun.

Features & Benefits

Excellent atomization – provides reliable finish quality.
Versatile and easy to use – both low- and medium pressures can be achieved in a single gun.
Quick clip technology – allows fast, easy removal and insertion of the needle without affecting the preadjustment.
Variable material, air volume and spray pattern regulation – for a variety of industrial application needs.
Fast exchange and adjustment of air cap – with a ¼ turn of the retaining ring
Ergonomically designed – for ease of operator use.