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SureBead® Reduced Cavity Guns and Modules

SureBead® Reduced Cavity Guns and Modules
SureBead guns feature EasyOn™ module mounting and produce high-quality adhesive patterns with virtually clog-free operation. Reduced cavity guns are ideal for packaging and product assembly applications using aggressive hot melt adhesives.

SureBead hot melt dispensing guns are available in two styles:
  1.  SureBead  S gun:  Air-open/spring-close (AO/SC) with needle and seat and removable RC Saturn® nozzle.
  2. SureBead  A gun: Air-open/air-close (AO/AC) with needle and seat  and removable RC Saturn nozzle.
  • Identify actuation characteristics (AO/SC or AO/AC) with color-coded, cool-touch module covers.
  • Improve ease-of- installation and safety with EasyOn design  gun mounting.
  • Change bead sizes quickly and efficiently with removable reduced cavity nozzles.
  • Reduce maintenance with self-cleaning action of integrated nozzle and needle assembly.