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Saturn® Solenoid Valves

Saturn® Solenoid Valves
Saturn solenoid valves are designed specifically for Nordson pneumatic hot melt adhesive dispensing guns. These balanced 3- and 4-way piloted valves deliver maximum shifting force in both directions and provide resistance-free shifting, increased reliability and more consistent response times.
  • Simplify replacement using color-coded rings identify air flow and voltage.
  • Provides superior adhesive delivery with air flows of 1.0 Cv and 1.5 Cv (compared to 0.18 Cv for similar valves), resulting in improved cutoff.
  • Maximize Nordson pneumatic gun performance, service life and uptime.
  • Withstand temperatures up to 93º C (200º F) using high-temperature seals and components.
  • Use for multi-module and independent air configurations.
  •  Operate at speeds up to 4,000 cycles per minute.
Direct-Operated Valves
  • Meet high-speed requirements with high-wattage coils and quick response.
  • Extend service life with environmentally tough design.