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Saturn® Precison Nozzles
Saturn nozzles feature color-coded rings that indicate the orifice and engagement, allowing you to select the correct replacement nozzle every time. Dual rings are your assurance of genuine Nordson quality and performance.
  • Simplify nozzle replacement and reduce downtime.
  • Improve productivity with correctly matched orifice diameter and engagement to control adhesive flow rate and bead cutoff.
  • Reduce rejects with bead placement accuracy within ±4 degrees from centerline and close tolerance machining.
  • Gain long-term adhesive savings and dependable bond quality.
  • Get consistent performance from nozzle to nozzle through precision manufacturing and quality control.
  • Select Saturn nozzles to replace 237 series nozzles used on H-200, H-400 and E-350 series modules.