Бис Инженеринг

Encore XT

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ColorMax® Engineered Powder Coating System
The Nordson ColorMax® engineered powder coating and recovery system delivers quick 10 to 15 minute color changes with high system efficiency, optimum airflow and maximum powder usage to meet lean manufacturing system environments.
Encore® Manual Powder Spray System Configurations
The Encore® manual powder spray system is available in mobile and stationary configurations for maximum production flexibility, ease of operation, and optimal performance on demand.
Excel 3000™ Powder Coating System
With plug-and-spray technology and low profile base, the Excel 3000™ booth system provides large system features and benefits in a compact package that is easy to install, operate and color change.
Vantage® FCM Powder Coating Booth
Vantage® FCM (fixed collector module) powder spray booths provide proven performance in a cost-effective design.

Vantage® RCM Powder Coating Booth
Vantage® RCM (removable collector module) powder spray booth is an economical solution for basic powder coating operations requiring reclaim capability in continuous production situations.
Econo-Coat® Powder Coating Booths
Compact powder spray booths and recovery systems that are perfect for batch powder coating small- to medium-sized parts.
NHR Series Hoppers for Powder Coating
The round, stainless-steel family of Nordson Hoppers for powder coating are sized to meet your changing production requirements.
Encore® Pumps
The compact, highly efficient Encore pump has been engineered for better performance on demand than ever before.