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ProBlue® Fulfill™ Adhesive System
The ProBlue Fulfill system is an integrated adhesive melter and fill system. Using a capacitance sensor, the system detects low adhesive levels in the melter tank and automatically conveys fresh adhesive in the form of pellets, pastilles or mini-slats to the adhesive tank. Automation relieves operators from frequent refilling of melter tanks and prevents tanks from running dry.
  • Integrated feed system is unique to ProBlue melters.
  • Automatic adhesive replenishment saves operator time, helps prevent thermal shock and adhesive degradation.
  • Uninterrupted operation eliminates missed beads, poor bonding and downtime due to empty adhesive melter tank.
  • Reduces adhesive contamination and debris that can cause equipment downtime.
  • Simple design and easy access to components minimizes installation and maintenance requirements.