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PURBlue 4

PURBlue™ 4 Adhesive Melters

PURBlue™ 4 Adhesive Melters
PURBlue 4 melters efficiently process moisture-cure reactive adhesives, such as polyurethanes (PUR), from two-, three- or four-kilogram foil-encased slugs. A user-friendly design combines simple, reliable operation with easy cleaning and maintenance. PURBlue melters provide the ability to easily use small volumes of PUR for increased productivity and reduced adhesive waste.
  • Reduce thermal stress and protect bonding characteristics with true melt-on-demand processing.
  • Minimize adhesive residue with adjustable force piston providing optimal contact between adhesive and melting grid.
  • Simplify maintenance with single-tool, quick-release fasteners on all panels and covers.
  • Ease start-up and operation with user-friendly controls, graphic indicators, week/day timers and I/O interfaces.
  • Eliminate need for inert gas to use PUR adhesives