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NRPS-200 Rotary Powder Coating Sieve

NRPS-200 Rotary Powder Coating Sieve
The NRPS-200 rotary powder sieve is designed for trouble-free material screening and maximum throughput capacity in powder coating operations to significantly reduce rejects and deliver superior finish quality.
With high screening capacity, the sieve can effectively handle a minimum of 327 kg/hr of conventional powder (720 lbs/hr). The screen cage provides visual indication of proper screen tensioning. The end cap is designed for easy access and removal for inspection.
  • Motor to rotor, and rotor to end-door interfaces provide quicker assembly and disassembly with ease of serviceability
  • Fewer parts needed for lower operating cost
  • An externally mounted, sealed bearing eliminates its exposure to in-process powder
  • A retrofit kit allows for quick conversion of existing NRPS-100 sieves