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NHR Series Hoppers for Powder Coating
The round, stainless-steel family of Nordson Hoppers for powder coating are sized to meet your changing production requirements
The hopper series allows for flexibility to match colors to sizes, based on powder use and color-change frequency
  • Standard 50-lb (23 kg) and 80-lb (36 kg) sizes available
  • A 25-lb (11 kg) size also available for today’s fast color-change production with a lower height for convenient storage
  • Affordable enough to use as dedicated color hoppers
  • Large, rubber plug on lid for easy inspection and filling
  • All sizes work with existing Nordson pumps
  • Optional three-caster dolly fits all NHR hoppers
  • To order, call your Nordson rep, or contact the Nordson Customer Support Center.
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