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Mini Squirt® System

Mini Squirt® System
The all-electric Mini Squirt system is a portable, handheld hot melt adhesive dispenser that replaces staples, tape, cold glue, shrink-wrap, strapping, or messy stick and slug glue guns. It is ideal for light industrial environments to bond leather, wood, cardboard, ceramics, rubber, plastics, carpet, textiles or other materials.
  • Improve productivity with 7-ounce reservoir that is larger and more efficient than stick guns, but smaller than more expensive melters.
  • Reduce adhesive costs by using bulk hot melt forms, including granules, pellets and pillows for packaging grade or pressure-sensitive formulations.
  • Improve operator comfort with balanced weight, insulated cool-touch body and trigger-activated piston plunger.
  • Select from a variety of dispensing nozzles to meet bonding requirements.
Mini Squirt Hot Melt Adhesive Applicator Product Literature