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H-20 Series Guns

H-20 Series Guns
H-20 Series guns provide consistent bead deposition in high-flow, intermittent product assembly applications using high-viscosity hot melt adhesives and other filled thermoplastic materials.
  • Improve service life with long-life cartridge design.
  • Receive consistent performance and reliability with air-open spring-close actuation that exceed 3,000 cycles per minute.
  • Choose from controlled-engagement single-orifice nozzles, precision multi-orifice nozzles or extended nozzle assemblies.
  • Select from several configurations, including water-resistant design, integral-filtered bodies, nozzle extension assemblies, variable temperature controls and integral slot nozzles.
  • Reduce service time with interchangeable extrusion modules that are easy to clean and replace. 
Standard Configuration
  • Obtain high-flow versatility and comprehensive nozzle selection.
Large Ball-and-Seat (LBS) Gun
  • Handle high-viscosity or filled materials using large bore fittings and a larger ball-and-seat. Ideal for drum melters, the H-20 LBS accommodates 5/16- and 5/8-inch hose diameters.
Micro-Adjust Gun
  • Use for balancing flow rates when adjustment is critical for precise bead size.
  • Adjust adhesive flow without changing hydraulic pressure.
Filtered Gun
  • Remove char and contaminants that can inhibit flow and clog nozzles.
  • Easily access filter for cleaning.
  • Minimize downtime with high-capacity filtration that provides up to 10 times the service interval of in-line filters.