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EB Series

EB 60V Edgebanding Slot Applicator

EB 60V Edgebanding Slot Applicator
The EB60V edgebanding applicator replaces open glue roller systems with slot nozzle technology for consistent adhesive application to the edge of the panel. Apply a wide range of hot melt adhesives, including EVA, polyolefin and PUR materials for edgebanding and back-edge sealing.
  • Eliminate airborne contamination with closed system to reduce maintenance, cleaning and labor costs.
  • Reduce material consumption with better adhesive control and metering.
  • Produce accurate coating weights with positive application pressure to substrate.
  • Maintain consistent bonding quality and material characteristics with precise temperature control for constant adhesive viscosity and prevention of charring or premature curing.
  • Speed installation and changeovers with scale readout for easy width adjustments up to 60 millimeters (2.4 in.).