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AltaBlue™ TT Melters
AltaBlue melters are designed for precise delivery of a wide variety of hot melt adhesives. Metering spur-gear pumps, variable-speed AC motors and key-to-line functionality provide a flexible design.
  • Choose from 4-, 10- and 16-liter single stream pump melters with up to 4 hose/gun pairs
  • 10 liter melters are also available with dual stream pumps and 2 hose/gun pairs (1 per stream).
  • Install quickly with simple, no hassle set-up.
  • Display system status with graphical panel that simplifies set-up and operation.
  • Tailor interface to production line controls with programmable discrete I/O and optional field installed choice of communication protocols.

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Nordson AltaBlue™ TT melters provide accurate adhesive delivery to wheel-pot applicators on roll-fed labeling systems.