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Advanced Technology Hot Melt Hoses

Advanced Technology Hot Melt Hoses
Nordson RTD and TC hot melt hoses operate safely with the proven durability and performance that reduce costs and downtime. Designs include RTD-style hoses for Nordson melters and TC-style hoses for MX melters. Automatic and manual versions are available, including waterwash hoses and high-flex hoses for robotic and articulated operations.
  • Provide safer operation with two separate ground paths.
  • Protect system components with aramid insulation that improves chemical and moisture resistance.
  • Reduce replacement costs with four layers of overlapped aramid insulation that increases thermal efficiency and retains hose flexibility.
  • Receive controlled startup and consistent flow rates with efficient and uniform heat transfer.
  • Eliminate temperature control calibration at installation with hose components that are precision wound and calibrated.
  • Reduce the possibility of high-impedance faults with dedicated low-resistance ground.
  • Choose from a variety of accessories, including brackets, in-line filters, fittings, hoses protectors and suspension support.