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AD Series

AD Series Handguns

AD Series Handguns
Lightweight AD Series handguns offer a wide range of pattern capabilities. Their efficient design and reliable performance make them ideal for manually dispensing hot melt adhesives, sealants and other thermoplastic materials.
  • Improve handling ease and operator comfort with compact, lightweight design.
  • Reduce risk of burns with distinctive ever-cool handle that houses heated components and adhesive-flow paths within the gun body, not the handle.
  • Extend service life with impact-resistant molded shell.
  • Eliminate hose twisting with 360-degree swivel connector.
  • Select standard or extended nozzles with varying orifice diameters to meet adhesive deposition requirements.
  • Regulate adhesive flow when using gear-pump drum melters with a microswitch in the gun handle that controls the motor clutch.
Ръчни пистолети серия AD-31
  • Handle high-viscosity or filled materials using the AD-31 LBS, featuring a large ball-and-seat and larger flow paths.
  • Choose a RTD (resistance temperature detector) sensor or a preset thermostatic temperature sensor compatible with older melters that do not use RTD sensing.
AD-41 Series Handguns
  • Dispense adhesive from up or down-apply gun positions.
  • Control on-off air and adhesive flow simultaneously with single handgun trigger.
  • Reduce temperature fluctuations that could negatively affect flow and cause char formation using RTD sensing.