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A7A Automatic Airless

A7A Automatic Airless

A7A Automatic Airless
A7A Automatic Airless Spray Guns

The Nordson Model A7A automatic airless spray guns deliver maximum reliability in high-production airless painting, sealant and adhesive applications.Nordson airless systems, with A7A guns, produce fine atomization and a soft, controllable spray to deliver excellent finish quality with minimal overspray.

Air-actuated A7A guns provide fast response time (30 to 40 milliseconds) and high-speed cycling capability (up to 2500 cycles per minute), and are ideal for coating situations requiring precise material application.

Fast cycling with positive cutoff provides precise operation with minimal dripping and spitting
Rugged construction minimizes downtime and maintenance costs
Available in single-, dual-chamber, and dual-chamber angled models, and can be used in either non-circulating or circulating heated airless applications
Aluminum, steel, and stainless-steel models
Uses Nordson Cross-Cut and dome nozzles for effective atomization of hard-to-atomize coatings for minimal paint waste
Mounts to 1/2" round bar for fast, easy installation